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Our modular system allows you to configure FuseDocs to your workflow.

Every module has been optimised for ease of use and seamless integration, so you enjoy the best mix of features without paying for things you don’t need.

Simply start with the Core module and build from there.

FuseDocs Core

The Core module is the foundation of the FuseDocs platform. It operates on top of your systems to find files, format documents and search the web for the latest documents.

  • Compile PDFs with bookmarks, security, contents page, page numbers
  • Set automated rules for creating letters, contracts, emails and more
  • Automatically find and download relevant documents from the web
  • Locate and compile files and folders in your system into a single document
  • Instantly format letters, documents, contracts and reports on the relevant letterhead
  • Create reference list with links to documents in your system
  • Automatically preview final documents before sending

Document Merge

Do you create the same letters, reports, forms or contracts day in, day out? Document Merge arranges, formats and emails professional, error-free documents for you.

  • Import relevant data into set document templates
  • Produce professional documents using advanced formatting
  • Set rules to format documents on different client templates
  • Create emails with attachments using pre-determined templates

Practice Management Integration

Manage large systems and growing amounts of data with practice management integration. This module allows you to locate important data and populate documents such as letters and contracts.


  • Extract data such as addresses, names and phone numbers from multiple sources
  • Automatically produce documents, letters and contracts
  • Integrates with Reckon APS, MYOB AE  and more

Document Management System Integration

Can’t remember where something is saved? FuseDocs instantly searches your system to locate, extract and save all relevant documents without you getting lost in the depths of your IT system.

  • Extract documents from your document management system
  • Set advanced rules to easily locate relevant documents
  • Automatically save compiled documents within most DMS systems
  • Integrates with Reckon APS, Virtual Cabinet, MYOB AE, How Now, iManage and many more

Personalised Report Features

Customise your report packages with feature title pages, dividers featuring your client names or report types, and choose to include device-ready enhancements such as hyperlinked contents tables.  

  • Customised title and dividing pages
  • Automated contents tables with multiple levels
  • Screen-ready enhancements including hyperlinks

Coming soon

Fuse has spoken and wants to take on more responsibility, so we’re developing more work for him to do. Check back for more information on release dates of these new features.

  • PDF Form filling & extraction: fill out PDF forms automatically
  • Electronic signatures: No more printing, signing and scanning
  • Report extraction: Locate and extract reports from systems such as Xero

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