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FuseDocs is the smart robotic process automation solution for accountants, financial planners, and professional services businesses.

Create time, create opportunities

Automate time-consuming business processes and give your team time to focus on what matters most – adding value to your clients and business

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With Fuse on your team, productivity skyrockets

Watch how FuseDocs compiles a complete annual report package in less than 2 minutes.

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What others are saying about FuseDocs

Less time is spent preparing our compilations – it has halved the time to prepare these!

Peta Bourne Associate Director, Bentleys (QLD)
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FuseDocs experience

With a few clicks of a button, our year-end collations are prepared in pdf format within minutes

Kimberley Schluter Office Manager, Harris Black
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FuseDocs experience

We love FuseDocs – the amount of time saved on administration tasks has been amazing.

Claire Stone Support Services Manager, Omnis Group
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FuseDocs experience
  • (With one client) that literally took 3.5 hours last year to collate, and we just collated it in a matter of minutes - AMAZING!

    Christina Gulliver, Associate – Brentnalls SA
  • We love FuseDocs! The amount of time saved on administration tasks has been amazing for our company. All you need to do is click a button and a document that would have taken you at least 20 minutes to do is completed in a few seconds…it is just fantastic, we highly recommend!!

    Claire Stone, Support Services Manager – Omnis Group
  • We couldn’t be happier with FuseDocs. The implementation has been one of the best I have been through, and the support from the team has been second to none. I would highly recommend giving the FuseDocs team a call to see what they can do for you and your processes.

    Janelle Ebsworth – Maxim Chartered Accountants

Automation lets you get more out of each day.

From creating client files, to producing and formatting documents and instantly filling out forms, our robotic process automation (RPA) software simplifies everyday business processes – giving you and your team more time for meaningful work.

Our customers are regaining hundreds of hours each year with FuseDocs.

How much time could you be saving?

Use this calculator to work out how much time you could save with FuseDocs automating your document compilation.

Accounting Tax Packs

SOA / ROA Report Packs

Ready for multiple applications

Simplify everyday tasks with these time-saving features.

Document Compilation

Create PDFs complete with bookmarks and security. Fuse searches your system for the files you need and will even put them on your company letterhead.

Document Merge

Advanced formatting populates documents and email templates with relevant information. Create letters, documents, emails, client files and reports in minutes.

Seamless Integration

Easily locate data, client details and documents from your key business systems. FuseDocs integrates with programs including Reckon APS, Virtual Cabinet, MYOB AE, How Now, iManage and many more – ask us about your Document Management system!

Report Compilation

Automatically compile and merge documents from multiple locations and file types into report packages ready to present to clients.

Electronic Signatures

No more printing, signing and scanning contracts, quotes and proposals. Send documents to your clients and have them back faster with secure electronic signing

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Tailored to your workflow and systems

FuseDocs integrates directly with leading Practice Management and Document Management systems to help you work smarter

Recommended by Industry Specialists

Those that know accounting and professional services, know FuseDocs. We’ve partnered with leading industry specialists to help accountants be more efficient and effective.

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