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Bentleys (QLD) share their FuseDocs Experience

We love hearing about the positive impact FuseDocs is having on businesses and teams.

For Bentleys (QLD), using FuseDocs for their annual report package compilations now has their full team looking for opportunities to automate so they can have more time to focus on tasks they enjoy.

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Trudi SaulBentleys (QLD) share their FuseDocs Experience

FuseDocs FAQ – What does it cost?

That depends on the size and level or your organisation. Pricing ranges from $300 per month through to $800 per month and includes design, customisation, installation, training for your internal solution “champions”, and ongoing support – to help you make the most of its powerful automation potential. Once you’re using FuseDocs, you can add additional processes for a one off fee of $1,500. If you’re not sure about which subscription is right for you, send us an enquiry here.

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Trudi SaulFuseDocs FAQ – What does it cost?

FuseDocs FAQ – What needs to be installed?

Every FuseDocs implementation requires the FuseDocs engine to be installed on the workstation(s) of the end user(s). In a terminal server environment, this file would have to be installed on the terminal server. For certain Document Management Systems (for example, MYOB AE), there is a second component that has to be installed on your SQL server to allow for the integration of FuseDocs with that Document Management System platform. Your implementation manager will discuss your specific requirements during the Exploration discussion of your implementation plan.

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Trudi SaulFuseDocs FAQ – What needs to be installed?

New Feature: Customised Table of Contents now live!

We’ve recently implemented an exciting new feature for FuseDocs – a fully automated table of contents and the application of page numbers.

The new “Contents Table” feature automatically adds page numbers to each page in your report package, and creates a table of contents page directly in the PDF with your company letter head or preferred logo / design.

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Trudi SaulNew Feature: Customised Table of Contents now live!