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In professional services, time is your greatest currency. From accounting to financial planning and other professional services, FuseDocs was developed to optimise the performance of service-based firms. With the extra time they save on day-to-day tasks, our clients are not only more competitive; they’re also better serving their own clients. Here’s how FuseDocs can help you in your business.

  • Fusedocs has cut the time it takes us to prepare an SOA/ROA down by up to 30 minutes each – which is going to save us about $10,000 this year! It’s so simple, anyone can use it and get the same result every time, so our admin team can now take over SOA/ROA preparation and we can get our Paraplanners working on value-add activities.

    Tim Barton, Director – GCA Financial
  • So easy – very little down time for training and implementation, 2 weeks later we forgot we didn’t have it before!

    Irma Bantjes, Practice Manager – Stratus Financial Group
  • We couldn’t be happier with FuseDocs. The implementation has been one of the best I have been through, and the support from the team has been second to none. I would highly recommend giving the FuseDocs team a call to see what they can do for you and your processes.

    Janelle Ebsworth – Maxim Chartered Accountants
  • (With one client) that literally took 3.5 hours last year to collate, and we just collated it in a matter of minutes - AMAZING!

    Christina Gulliver, Associate – Brentnalls SA
  • We love FuseDocs! The amount of time saved on administration tasks has been amazing for our company. All you need to do is click a button and a document that would have taken you at least 20 minutes to do is completed in a few seconds…it is just fantastic, we highly recommend!!

    Claire Stone, Support Services Manager – Omnis Group
  • FuseDocs has cut down the time we spend on collations by at least 50% at a bare minimum, and we're now saving so much time and money not having to print every single report pack to compile them. Both offices are now generating report packages using FuseDocs - all of our clients now receive consistent, properly branded documents regardless of their location.

    Jessica Jugovac, Office Manager – TJL Business Advisors & Accountants


Tax packs, client engagement letters and contracts, and day-to-day document processing are a breeze for Fuse. Our software takes an average of 30 minutes off tax pack compilation, easing the pressure of the new financial year and improving turnaround times for your clients. You nominate the client group and FuseDocs uses pre-programmed rules to produce a bookmarked and secured PDF with all the required documents in order.

Annual Tax Pack

Annual Tax Pack

Automatically compile all of your client's documents instantly.

Personalised Client Checklists

Personalised Client Checklists

Create highly personalised checklists customised to the specific needs of each client in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Financial Planning

Reduce the time you spend preparing statements of advice and records of advice. FuseDocs locates documents and fact files on your system as well as the latest online product disclosure statements, and then compiles them into a secure, bookmarked PDF in an average of 10 minutes. With automation software, you can also extract information from across your system and use this to instantly populate letters, email templates, PDF forms and more.

SOA & ROA Compilation

SOA & ROA Compilation

Automate the compilation of PDS documents

Other professional services

We’ve eliminated room for error. FuseDocs handles any repetitive, manual tasks such as letters of engagement, forms, contracts, standard emails and anything else you need automated. With automation, you can speed up the client onboarding process and enhance your professionalism – all with guaranteed accuracy. Less time spent preparing in-house and client documents gives you a competitive edge over the rest of the market.

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Crunching the numbers

Use this calculator to work out how much time you will save with automation.

Accounting Tax Packs

Engagement Letter Production

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