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FuseDocs can now streamline your corporate secretarial processes

FuseDocs can now automate the preparation of letters and portal correspondence relating to annual company statements!

If you’re managing your client’s annual corporate secretarial requirements – someone in your team is likely spending hours (or even days) each week reviewing annual company statements, and preparing the solvency resolution, ASIC invoice, your own invoice for the maintenance of the company, and a covering letter or email to send to the company officeholders.

Repetitive – yes, which means it’s the perfect job for Fuse.

Just like other FuseDocs Templates – we look at your existing process to create a workflow template that lists out all of those items you want to include with your annual company statement package

Once the statement has been reviewed and your internal invoice created, FuseDocs can fully automate the collation and letter generation process at the click of a button – whether that’s for a single company or IN BULK – very handy particularly in those months when you could have hundreds of review dates and statements to prepare and send.

FuseDocs fully integrates to Reckon Corporate Register to streamline the process even further, or if you’re using other applications we can also work with you to automate those processes – and direct FuseDocs to collect the applicable documents either from your corporate affairs program or your document management system.

To see how FuseDocs can fully automate your annual corporate affairs processes – click here to book a time to chat further.


Trudi SaulFuseDocs can now streamline your corporate secretarial processes
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