How it works

Automation that works how you need it to

FuseDocs is a modular system that you lets you pick and choose which features you need. It’s powerful, but easy enough for anyone to use.

Intelligent automation

Our automation bot Fuse has killer intellect and speed. Fully compatible with your existing software and programmed using sets of rules, he gathers data from all over your IT system and the web, and automates your core business processes.

Bespoke development

Our series of modules can be customised to your processes, existing software and digital filing systems. Select the features you need and we will bundle the software for you. With modules, you get the benefit of custom-built software without a lengthy and costly development process.

Rapid implementation

Following a consultation, our team gets to work adapting your software so it works seamlessly within your business. We’ve got this process down to a fine art, which means you can be up and running in as little as a week after your consultation.

Deployed worldwide

Wherever you are, we can get you operating on FuseDocs. Following an online consultation, we deploy the software digitally and use screen-sharing apps to manage installation and training. We also check in with you after installation to ensure the software is working seamlessly.

Ready to grow

The scalable configuration of FuseDocs allows the software to grow with your team. Add on new modules when you need them and expand the software as your network grows. This flexibility means that as your business grows, your processes don’t need to become more complex.

To see FuseDocs in action and learn more about the power of automation software, book your free demo.

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