Fuss-free deployment

We know how valuable your time is – that’s why we created FuseDocs! It’s also why we’ve made sure it’s easy to get started. From demo to deployment in under 2 hours of your time, we’re here to transform your business into a powerhouse of productivity.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Demo

    We connect in a short screen sharing session where we show you how you can use FuseDocs in your business.

  • Proposal

    You’ll receive a personalised quote based on our conversation outlining the required modules and our recommendations for maximising ROI.

  • All Systems Go

    Once you’re ready, getting started with FuseDocs is easy – in fact, we can make a start on the implementation in as little as 15 minutes. Once you provide us with a couple of key pieces of information, we’ll connect briefly to discuss what FuseDocs will look like for your practice and any custom modifications needed.

  • Development

    We program Fuse, assemble your modules and lay down the rules specific to your software package. During this time, we’ll liaise directly with your nominated “champion” to make sure Fuse does exactly what you want him to.

  • Implementation

    Whether in person or online, you will receive hands-on implementation and team training. You’ll be able to start using FuseDocs straight away, and you’ll also have the opportunity to request any additional minor changes.

  • Check in

    We’ll connect by phone to touch base and make sure everything is working the way you expected. If you have feedback from other users, this is a great time to share it with us and if there are any modifications off the back of that we’ll set about making them.

  • Support

    Once your team has had ample time to utilise FuseDocs, we’ll check back in a final time to make sure everything is ok. But don’t worry, we’re on hand anytime in the future if you need any support or assistance – all of our subscription packages include telephone and email support.

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